terça-feira, janeiro 25, 2005

Acreditar no amor

Essa é das antigas. 1987. Por algum motivo (que ainda desconheço) é a música tocando nos meus ouvidos ultimamente. Desculpem-me aqueles que não falam inglês, mas minhas tentativas de traduzi-la deram pouco resultado e tiraram toda a beleza das palavras do Chris Eaton, maravilhosamente interpretadas pelo grande Russ Taff.

Believe In Love

After we have listened to everything there is left to say

Watching the intended realities slowly fade away

Why is all we desire taken from our hands

And every dream is drifting away

There is understanding for everyone who has ears to hear

No more looking over your shoulder for someone to appear

Maybe you should be looking right into His eyes

So say good-bye to someone else's lies

Somedays i get up in the morning and i wish i wasn't there

Life seems so incredibly lonely when no wants to care

But i found somewhere whithin this heart a Friend for Life

To hold me close till all my fears subside

I've got to know

Do you believe in love

And all the things you've searched the world to find

But know nothing of

Through the sun, through the fire and the rain

Nobody can ever touch you again

If you believe in love

Don't be afraid

Don't be afraid

Of the questions anymore

The answer lies waiting